Pricing! Individual Open Play, Parties and Buyouts

We accept Cash and All Major Credit Cards

Prices vary between our Discounted $10.00 per jumper up to our Regular Price $13.00 per jumper for 1 hour to 1.5 Hours.

Discounts for Military (Retired & Active) and First Responders.

Come to the Tables in front of the Boat on Land if you have any questions.

All pricing Includes a Team of Water Rescue Staff Personnel monitoring the boat and perimeters at all times and we provide a mandatory Life Vest for all jumpers to wear. (If you have your own life vest, our Customer Service Staff will decide if efficient) 

Our season is from March 1st to November 1st.

We will extend our days open and closed according to Regular Holidays, Boerne Independent School District Days Off, Spring Break and Summer. Follow us on Facebook for the most up to date information. Facebook: Boerne Tarzan Boat

Daily Individual Open Play:

We are open Thursday through Sunday until School begins. During our open hours you can come to the tables located on shore directly in front of the Boat to sign up for your session. Times vary between 1 Hour up to 1.5 Hours. Come to the table to learn the difference and how to book more time. 


For a party discount you must have, at least, 10 jumpers paid for on board.  Party time session is  1.5 hours. If you need longer time sessions then let us know. Small parties are not private. In order for your party to be private then a minimum of 25 jumpers at $10 per 1.5 hours must be reserved and the Boat is all Yours! No other jumpers will be allowed on board. Just keep in mind that the boat, comfortably and safely holds 30 jumpers per hour. We are only the amusement for the party. We do not provide tables,chairs, decorations or food. We also do not charge taxes or any party gratuity. You simply call or email us and let us know how many jumpers you expect and we hold that number of jumpers for your desired date and time. There are no deposits needed. Please arrive early to organize waivers and outfit all jumpers. We suggest 15-30 minutes before your start time. 

Private Parties, Corporate Buyouts

Private parties and Corporate buyouts are just that. No one else on the boat for 1.5 hours. You must book a minimum of 25 jumpers at $10.00 per jumper. No taxes and no gratuity added. Just the cost of the 25 jumpers. You get full reign of the boat and get to connect one phone to our Bluetooth speaker to listen to your own music.​ Only Private Parties and Corporate Buyouts can be held any day of the week. Email us for more info:

We accept Cash and All Major Credit Cards. Details, Ages Limits, Safety, Pricing, Party Info and more are all found below. Scroll down and read carefully. Feel free to contact us if you need any further information. We are happy to be of service. Thank you and Hope to see you soon! 

Boerne Tarzan Boat holds a maximum of 30

Jumpers, per hour on the Boat. It is safely Anchored just off shore within a monitored perimeter and has 30 feet of water surrounding the boat for more than enough depth for all rides. Once the waivers are signed and jumpers are outfitted, the jumpers are sent off to swim to the boat, anchored just a short 1 minute swim away from shore.


A waiver must be signed by all jumpers. Jumpers over the age of 18 years may sign their own waiver. All other jumpers below the age of 18 must have a Parent or Guardian sign in person. No verbal waivers are allowed. You may print the waiver at home and bring it to the Lake in person. An ID will be required to verify your identity.  Message us on Facebook at Boerne Tarzan Boat if you need a copy of the waiver sent or Email us at

When we are Closed! 

We hate to say this but it must be said! When we are open it is obvious! Our tables and staff are setup on land just in front of the boat, the water ladder is not chained, it is down and there are Staff on the Boat.

If you do not see any of that activity then we are CLOSED! Any trespassers will happily be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Don't got to jail and land on our Facebook Page for something stupid.  


Ages? Height? Weight? Maturity?

We like to keep an even balance. We have had young kids that did not need any assistance and were very daring, while small in frame, of course.

Parents, ultimately let us know if you feel your child is capable.  Also, let us know if you have a special needs child. We would love to help them feel safer and keep a close eye if needed. 

We have also had Adults, not so small in frame, that truly have tested our rides.We say the weight limit is 250 lbs, give or take, depending on how you utilize our rides as "some adults" are more adult than others and like to abuse our rides.  While this is very rare our Staff is dedicated to making sure every minute is safe and being enjoyed to its maximum! 

Adults, please keep the safety of others on your mind and let us know if you feel you may be close to or under the weight limit or maturity level needed for the boat. Our Water Rescue Staff will also help make that assessment. 

We enjoy allowing everyone the opportunity to  enjoy the boat in their own way, to an extent, and also enjoy helping our jumpers of all ages find that courage inside them but can not spend time fully assisting jumpers while maintaining order and safety.

Text (210) 739-2705 for more questions. 

Life Vests? Yes!!

While sometimes uncomfortable, it is MANDATORY that all Jumpers of ALL AGES wear a Life Vest. If you do not have a Life Vest that we deem suitable and up to Standard, we are happy to provide a Life Vest for you.

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